The Science of Animal Based Skincare

Hello everyone and welcome or welcome back to the blog. My name is Jenae and I practice a Ketogenic diet that has pretty much extended to how I think about my skincare, as well.

I originally started getting interested in all natural animal based beauty because my old skincare routine was a mile long and wasn’t benefiting my skin at all. My skin was fairly clear because I was eating a ketogenic diet at the time, which if you aren’t familiar with that its basically a grain, sugar free, low carb diet based around Whole Foods. So, basically wasn’t putting anything into my body that would be causing my skin to resemble a pizza.

But I just still kind of felt that my skin was missing something externally. This was around the time that I was starting to experiment with the Carnivore diet for my autoimmune disease that I discovered the concept of nose to tail and the importance of using the entire animal. Which then, consequently, led to me discovering the concept of using animal fats as a moisturizer and the basis for shampoos, conditioners, and face washes.

Come to find out that this isn’t some new fad or gimmick. That people have actually been using this for thousands of years. Cleopatra is said to have used the milk from 700 donkeys for a bath instead of water and the Babylonians are actually documented useing animal fats to make soap around 2800 BCE. This was also documented in the Phoenicians and Egyptians. But let’s just go back to Cleopatra for a second. She managed to bag both Julius Caesar and Marc Antony so obviously she had something going for her. It must have been that really soft skin she got from all that time spent lounging in donkey milk. Or hey maybe it was because she was one of the most powerful woman in the world at that time. I don’t know, but let’s just go with the animal based skincare.

Okay… moving onto the science. My favourite part.

Animal fats are rich is bioidentical lipids, and fat soluble bioavailable vitamins such as A, D, E, and K. The fatty acids in tallow are similar in terms of moleculer structure and composition to human skin. Not to mention this include sebum. I have very oily skin so animal based moisturizer actually help to reduce my sebum production, but the big difference is that it is antibacterial, as well.

There are also five beneficial fatty acids that are naturally occurring in animal fats. These are stearic acid, oleic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, and hyaluronic acid.

These fatty acids all have anti inflammatory, regenerative, softening, and, moisturizing properties. Steric acid actually helps improve skin suppleness and flexibility. It also repairs damage and barrier function. Oleic acid is an Omega 9 fatty acid and it helps the other components penetrate more deeply into the skin. Conjugated linoleic acid or CLA is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, as well as Palmitoleic acid or omega 7. So interestingly omega 7 is actually an antimicrobial found in sebum and is the most active one at that. It is also a basic building block of our skin and it declines as we age. Does anything good happen when we age.

There is one very important saturated fatty acids that actually aids in smoothing skin. As well as improving barrier protection and its production also declines with aging. See saturated is not that scary of a word.

So really the total joke is that so many people are paying a premium to get these anti aging fatty acids like hyaluronic acid in their overpriced serums when they actually are not going to be as effective because they do not have all of these other fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals working synergistically together. Basically this means that they all make each other more bioavailable to the body. You need fat to absorb the fat soluble vitamins, Oleic acid helps other fatty acids and vitamins reach deeper layers of the skin, and so on..

So, there are some other important factors to address. Not every product is going to be equal and I have a myriad of products here with me to discuss and give my opinion on.

The first is PermaEarth. PermaEarth is a completely sustainable company. All of their packaging is biodegradable and their products are made using 100% pastured and grass-fed animals. They actually use pig lard as their main animal fat, but they are now moving into beef tallow and I am here for it. I use their lip balm, shampoo/ body wash and conditioner bars. I’ve gotta say I am impressed. They smell amazing and are just very nice to wash your hair with. Another thing that also makes their products unique is that they include raw buttermilk in their formula. Buttermilk contains alpha-hydroxy acids such as lactic and glycolic acid.

Glycolic acid is a smaller molecule acid that allows for easier penetration into the skin. It also great sun damage and helps boost collagen production, as well as thickens skin. However, be aware that when you first start using it you may experience temporarily thinner skin. It’s similar to what happens to your hair when you first start a ketogenic diet. You experience a temporary loss and then it comes back thicker and better.

This is actually an acid that a skincare company called SK-11 puts into their skin serums. Did I mention that one of those bottles costs 78.00? Whereas, all of these products are at the very most half the price, if not less. Not to mention they are bioidentical and bioavailable.

Lactic acid has a larger molecule size and doesn’t penetrate the skin well. It is great for dry and sensitive skin. It’s also more moisturizing and less irritating. This won’t affect your skins thickness.

The next brand is Fancy Farms. What makes Fancy Farms unique is that the beef tallow they use is strictly suet. Which is the fat around the kidney’s. This gives the beef tallow a unique texture that is very smooth and buttery. Plus it smells like rose’s. And real rose none of that fake Bath and Body Work’s stuff.

The last brand is Toups and Co. This was actually the first product I used and it is now last on my list. I think its a totally fine product, but I would definitely opt for the other two in every product, except the face wash. They make a charcoal beef tallow face wash that I love. It cleans the skin very well and is not overly oily or dry.

Overall, I do recommend all of these products, but I do encourage purchasing from PermaEarth and Fancy Farms because these companies are very small and I have communicated personally with both of them. Their owners are extremely kind, personable, and truly care about their product and customers.

My favourite products by PermaEarth are their multiuse bars, chapsticks, and basically everything. Fancy Farms beef suet face moisterizer is amazing and are currently adding to their line. Toups and Co makes my favourite face wash.

You can find the links to these companies and products down below.


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