The The Fat Fueled Girl Approach

Hi everyone,

My name is Jenae and I am a WSU pre-med student majoring in Psychology with minors in Spanish and Neuroscience. I have been practicing the Ketogenic Way of Living for almost four years and have experimented with carnivore for over a year.


I initially experimented with Carnivore for the purpose of healing my Lyme and autoimmune disease. Not only did this work, but I am now able to add foods back in that I was not able to eat without severe consequences. 

In my time on this way of eating I have learned how to do the ketogenic diet and definitely not the ketogenic diet. 

To me, the Fat Fueled Girl is an embodiment of what it means for me to be ketogenic. No matter what variation of keto I happen to be implementing I am always fat-fueled. 

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